Friday, January 22, 2010

Top 3 Tips for Buying Kids Cowboy Boots Submitted by Jim Roche NJ

Parents often have difficulties choosing cowboy boots for their kids. The biggest obstacle is that traditional design does not match the ever changing landscape of youth fashion, particularly as children get into their teenage years.

The days of kids proudly strolling next to their fathers in traditional looking western kids cowboy boots often ends at the beginning of adolescence. They become more fashion conscious and the once proud boots are cast into the closet, and often thrown into the garbage with the next spring clean.

So, given this scenario what are the things to consider when you buy cowboy boots for your kids?

Tip 1 - Think "Cheap"

Your objective should always be to buy discount kids cowboy boots. This should be considered above fashion. The reality is kids don't look after their footwear, and that the gleaming $120 pair that you bought only a few weeks before quickly looks like your five year old pair of boots you use to hike up the mountain. So your wallet will definitely appreciate you buying cheap kids cowboy boots. Based on my estimate, you are doing well if your siblings get any more than a year out of their footwear. Parents often believe their kids cowboy boots will outlast their other shoes, but this often isn't the case. The same families often go shopping year after year to buy a new pair. The reasons have been the wear and tear factor and also the fact that kids feet grow so darn fast!

Tip 2 - Think "Cool"

It is important that you listen to your kids when you are buying cowboy boots. There is little point buying them a gift that you may like, but they don't think they are "cool". All that happens is that they wear them once or twice then throw them in the closet never to be seen again. You can actually buy cowboy boots that are cool and traditional. Designers and manufacturers are aware of this fashion dilemma and have designed boots that have a current style but also retain a traditional look. They achieve this through different colors and some trendy patterns on the boot. Given you will probably be buying your kids cowboy boots once a year, you don't need to be concerned with long term styling.

Tip 3 - Think "Season"

It is important you buy your kids cowboy boots at the right time of the year as fashion can quickly change in the market for teen and pre-teen footwear. Secondly, if you buy the boots at the end of the winter season, kids will get little use out of them because of the fast approaching warmer weather. They will not often wear them until the next fall or the beginning of the following winter. Often, at that point they have either grown out of the boots or the fashion has changed. It is therefore best to buy cowboy boots in early to mid fall. This means they will have use of them throughout the fall and all of winter.

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