Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bringing Home and Making the Bacon: Stay At Home Moms Online Business Submitted by Ed Vacin

Stay at home moms considering an online business have the perfect opportunity to both bring home and make the proverbial bacon. While there are challenges to any job, at home or in the workplace, an online business can provide optimum advantages to a stay at home mom looking for ways to supplement the family income. With advantages to the family, to the business, and to the mom personally, and online business situation can be a perfect solution to the need for two incomes and the desire to be hands-on while raising a family.

The idea of challenges can daunt many new stay at home moms and dissuade them from trying an online business. Scams and schemes can cast a negative light on the industry and make a mom skittish to invest precious family capital into an industry that is still growing and proving itself. Moms can also feel overwhelmed by the challenge of getting their website or business up and running while also managing household tasks and raising children. These challenges are legitimate, but they are also easy to address. They key to successfully addressing the challenges a new at home mom faces to starting an online business? The key is to network with other at home moms!

Many stay at home moms have utilized the support and expertise of others in similar situations to navigate the various sundry opportunities and settle upon legitimate and consistent online business ventures. Utilizing chat groups, industry journals, and networking sites allows stay at home moms to create a dominant subgroup among potential employees. This peer support and encouragement can help a mom find important answers to many questions. Other moms can explain which businesses provide the best stability and profit, and which businesses are the easiest to run. Moms can help each other brainstorm ways to find work time in the busy schedule of raising a family. Whatever the challenge, working with other stay at home moms can help any parent feel good about both bringing home and cooking the bacon.

Ed Vacin

Hosannah Enterprises

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