Sunday, June 13, 2010

Free Gas~ Pipe Dream or Reality Submitted by Jim Roche NJ

Free Gas? If you think the possibilities of earning free gas are just a pipe dream think again. With summer here and many businesses struggling to put paying customers into their seats,hotel rooms,new cars, etc..etc..many have turned to free gas promotions to do so. Although not too much has changed at the pumps recently that is surely going to change with the catastrophic events off the Gulf of Mexico and millions of barrels of oil just flowing into the ocean. Free gas promotions have existed for a few years now as a way of luring new car buyers into showrooms, travelers to stay at specific hotels or credit card companies seeking new members. There are many free gas promotions that are purely scams, some are veiled attempts to get you to try buy or sign up for an existing offer, but all of them have the express purpose of seperating you from your money. The Free Gas Tips and Money Savings site scours the internet to bring you the very best deals available today. Providing up to the minute gas prices in your area as well as money savings tips to keep that hard earned money in your pocket. Saving money has become a #1 priority with just about everyone today and it is my sincere hope that the Free Gas Tips and Money Savings Programs site will become a valuable asset for years to come. The next time a website blares out at you "Get Rich Quick", "Be Your Own Boss" "You Too Can Be a Millionaire", remind yourself that there is no such thing as a "Free Lunch". But there is Free Gas and I know just where to get it, Just ask me How.

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