Monday, June 14, 2010

Free Gas Savings Tips For Summer 2010

The Following free gas savings tips are ones that you have heard and ignored for far too long. So pay attention it is the last time I am going to repeat them.

1. Back Off Jack
Slow it down and stop using your brake as a foot petal on your bass drum.driving like a maniac will reduce your mileage by up to a third. Instead, change speed at sensible rates. You'll save money if you do. And keep the driver in front of you from giving you the 1 finger salute.

2. Pump it Up
Properly inflated tires are not just more efficient -- they'll last longer, too. Improperly inflated tires will decrease your gas mileage by almost 4%.

3."I Cant Drive 55"
You can and you should! Almost all cars efficiency decreases at anything over 60 mph.

4. Dont Wait for That Noise to Stop..It Wont
Take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves. Change oil regularly,maintain proper fluid levels, keep the engine clean, get the emissions tested, and stay up-to-date on tuneups.

5. Leave the Olive Oil in the Kitchen
Using the manufacturer-recommended grade of motor oil helps improve efficiency (use 10W-30 or 5W-30 as directed). It's a small gain, but if you use motor oil with an "Energy Conserving" label Al Gore will be very happy.

Ok , Ok now that you know what to do after you own the car what about buying a new one? The following free gas savings tips are for those that have saved so much money with the first gas savings tips that they have enough disposable income to go out and buy a brand new vehicle.

6. Size Matters
Smaller engines need less fuel than larger engines (for example, a 4-cylinder will require less than a V-6 or V-8), If you really feel the need for speed turbochargers can help make up the difference in power.

7. Vin Diesel It
Lingering around 3% of total sales in the U.S. diesel cars and trucks are not the rage. YET! Vin Diesel made $92 million dollars for his last movie and according to J.D. Power and Associates they predict that's exactly the number (92 million)of diesel-powered vehicles that the world will demand by 2017. (Maybe Vin Diesel will win an Oscar in 2017 too)

8. No Life Guard on Duty
Carpools can save hundreds of dollars in commuting gas a year. If your boss lets you, commute to work during off-hours to avoid sitting (and burning fuel) in traffic. Dropping the kids off at the public pool and combine errands ( the butcher, the bakery, the candlestick makery) into one trip saves time and money.

9. No Junk in the Trunk
Each extra pound of weight in your car requires more power to propel. Empty your trunk and back seat of everything you don't absolutely need , take down the bike rack, and remove the horse trailer when you don't need it.

10. I'm on Cruise Control
Not only will you look cool with your barefoot hanging out the drivers side window but cruise control prevents unnecessary surging on the highway, its also one of those features rarely used. Kind of like Picture in Picture (PIP)on your 80 inch Plasma TV.

I had fun putting these free gas savings tip together for your benefit, but I have one last one for you. If all else fails in your gas savings efforts...

10. Move
If you want cheap gas, it helps to live in towns like San Francisco and Boise, Idaho, Honolulu .Some cities have much more expensive gas than others such as Atlanta, Denver and Houston.

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