Sunday, December 27, 2009

Angie Mitchell Found a Residual Income Gold Mine | Savings Highway

I believe if you have enough desire and are persistent, you can achieve just about anything. The same is true for an internet business and generating a stream of residual income. We all know why we want residual income - so we can travel, spend time with our families and generally do the things we want.

Starting your own internet business is one of those things where your initial investment of time will not be rewarded very well at all, but as you keep at it, you WILL eventually be paid for every minute of the time you put in, and paid very well.

A lot of people have the delusion belief that things have already peaked with the internet, but this couldn't be any further from the truth. In fact... things are just beginning. As the economic growth continues, more and more people are discovering the internet for the first time. All these people that were never part of the .com boom now want in. That being said, it's a very good time to get your piece of the pie.

Networking marketing has become one of the most popular ways of earning residual income. However, due to constant management and business planning issues, this form of marketing is also considered as one of the riskiest techniques. Pick ONLY reputable companies that offer quality training and that show proven growth.

There are knowledgeable people with years of experience willing to show you the way and lead by example. They can show you how to earn a residual income. Heed those who tell you "You'll make thousands in no time!" because it's going to take a little while when you first get started but you will be rewarded for your efforts down the road.

You get there by making a promise to yourself - commit to a certain amount of time every day. If you can only spare 30 minutes, turn off the TV and go do it. You'll be very glad you did.

Great things start with small actions and by being persistent. Ask yourself this; is a chance at earning a residual income worth 30 minutes per day of your time? It all depends on how fast you want to get there.

When I picked my Business Opportunity, I did my research, I gathered information and made a decision to join Savings Highway 2 months later. It's extremely important to believe in what you are promoting because people are pretty good at sniffing out the "fakers." Residual income is what you want. Unfortunately, there are many opportunities available that really do an injustice to this concept. So, master the concept of residual income and you'll master your destiny!

We've all heard the story of the gold miner who toiled fruitlessly for a long time before deciding to give up and move on. He makes the decision one day that enough is enough and packs up, selling his claim to a new miner. The new person starts digging and finds the trail of gold almost immediately.

He then gets to spend the rest of his life thinking about "what if..."

The good news is there is still gold to be found and its on the internet.

Dig for gold Here and don't give up!

Angie Mitchell

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