Monday, December 14, 2009

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Would you like to know how to retire early in today's uncertian economy? Are you going to retire early or at least an age when you can still enjoy retirement or are you just hoping your job will stay around until you can retire? Then do this NOW…TAKE ACTION!

Todays uncertian economy, the volatile stock market and falling home assessments are affecting just about everyone, but people who would like to retire early or are about to retire may be in the most precarious of positions of all and are asking themselves, how is it possible to retire early in today's economy? Are you looking for appropriate ways to respond? Then now is the time to start your early retirement planning so YOU are able to manage your personal finances and look forward to retirement years.

"Social Security replaces approximately 41% of the average earner's income at retirement and some forecasts predict a fall to 30.5%." * (Source: "Social Security, Medicare and Americans' Confidence in Their Retirement Future" Watson Wyatt Insider, September 2008.) I don't know how anyone can be prepared for what we've been experiencing recently with our economy. The current retirement income system of defined contribution plans in which employees bear all the risk is dissapearing for the the average worker.

Seeing your portfolio or your 401K lose value over a prolonged period is never easy, but it can cause tremendous stress if you're relying on your nest egg or will be relying on it shortly. If you're still working, will you have to postpone early retirement? If you're retired, will you have to reduce spending, cancel plans or look for a job? Most people haven't been very good at building balances in 401K plans or savings accounts; they're modest by any measure, most people are not experienced investors, (myself included) and their whole future well-being depends on the assets in these plans. When they're hit by these huge fluctuations in the market, it must really put a knot in their stomachs.

Fear and concern are normal. The news is all around us, and it's impossible to ignore. People entering into retirement are the ones who are most aware of their financial situation because all of a sudden it's staring them right in the face. If you haven't done a stellar job of early retirement planning, your options are fairly limited. You can work longer, live on less or work in retirement but you sure as heck don't have to!

Let me ask you this, have you ever considered an an online mlm business? If not, how come? There are so many benefits to having a online mlm business and this just might be the answer to the question: How is it possible to retire early in today's economy? Make financial freedom a possibility for you.

I started planning my early retirement this year when I joined The Savings Highway and began saving money on the necessities I was already purchasing (Gas and Groceries) thereby creating my own economy!

Successful People Are...Decisive Decision Makers!

Jim Roche of NJ has created The Early Retirement Planning Forum for you to visit join and post all of your early retirement planning tips as well as provide information and resources for those wanting to retire early, or just what is necessary for you to know how retiring early can become a reality.

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