Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Become Wealthy | Retire Early | Savings Highway | Submitted by Angie Mitchell

Yes, it is absolutely possible to become wealthy even in today's economy and you can start right now with a Savings Highway Membership. I'd recommend joining at a Gold Level because it offers you the most Savings, Bonuses, and Commissions. As a Gold member, you can earn up to $40,000 a month plus bonuses, of course that totally depends on how motivated you are but Gold is for serious income earners. You may also choose from a Silver or Bronze Membership, however, Gold provides the most potential income for you and your family.

Before I get too carried away, I want to tell you that by joining Savings Highway you are not "selling" anything. This is a savings and earnings program, we do not try to sell people things they do not need or want. We offer people the opportunity to save money on the things the need or purchase anyway such as dining out, entertainment, shopping, dental, vision, roadside, legal, x-rays, prescription savings, groceries and so much more.

I invite you to check out my website for a list of services and benefits offered to you as a member and to those you will be helping to become wealthy as well. Who would have thought that we can all retire early and save money at the same time?

Since almost everyone wants to save money and make extra income, offering these savings is an easy thing to do especially with a program like Savings Highway. The faster you help people and the more people you introduce, the faster you can become wealthy and retire early.

Let me show you your money making potential as a Gold Member

1. FAST CASH--Each time you introduce a new Member, you will receive 50% Fast Cash Bonus! This is paid to you the following week! Each time you refer a new Member, you will receive $50 and a $25 visa gift card.

2. MONTHLY PERSONAL REFERRAL BONUS--You will receive a $10 a month Personal Referral Bonus, EVERY MONTH on each personally referred Member.

3. GOLD MATCHING BONUS--Receive a 10% Monthly Matching Bonus on all of your personally referred Members' checks.

For example, when you introduce just 6 Members, and they all follow the Retire Early Plan and earn $40,000 a month, your Monthly Matching Bonus would be $19,200 a month in Matching Bonuses! That's $3,200 X 6 = $19,200.

4. $300 MONTHLY CAR BONUS--Savings Highway will reward you for Going The Extra Mile. By Helping just 10 people to Save Money, you will receive a fantastic $300 a month Car Bonus and your Organization reaches 50 Members.

5. $750 MONTHLY LUXURY CAR BONUS--When you help just 25 people to Save Money and your Organization reaches 150 Members.

6. $2,000 MONTHLY LIFESTYLE BONUS--Receive a $2,000 Monthly Lifestyle Bonus when you introduce and maintain just 50 personally referred Members and your Organization reaches 300 Members.

7. You will also receive $14 a month for each of your personally referred Members starting in month and you will also receive $5 a month for all Members in your Organization from level 2 through 12 referral levels deep, no matter who introduces them, how sweet is that?

You have a simple system that can actually help you to become wealthy and retire early by saving money on things you have to buy anyway, doesn't it make perfect sense to join Savings Highway and let everyone know about it?

You have just one simple decision to make, you can either get started on the path to savings, abundance, wealth and success, or continue on the path you are on. If you want more, if you want things to change, then you must make a change. Savings Highway can help you to retire early. Join the thousands of others who have been fortunate enough to find Savings Highway and change their lives for the better.

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Angie Mitchell
Skype: angiebt79828

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