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List Segmentation | Effective Email Marketing Continued Submitted by Jim Roche NJ

Use Segmentation to Send ONLY Relevant Messages

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As a legitimate email marketer (as opposed to a SPAMMER), you know how important permission based marketing is. You know it's imperative to get permission before freely sending emails to your prospects and customers.

Unfortunately, without segmentation, you're still committing one of the greatest sins in email marketing…sending people emails they don't want to receive.

Imagine you wanted to send a promotional email for Product A. Without segmentation, you draft the email and send it out to everyone you have contact information for.

Stop blasting emails to your entire contact list! No single email will be relevant to EVERYONE on your list. But without segmentation, you have no idea who'll respond.

And, no matter how great your promotion is, no matter how fantastic your product or service is…you will only ever reach a handful of interested people. And you'll irritate or start to drive off the rest.

With each "blast" you'll get:
• A handful of interested people who like Product A and are glad you sent them an email
• A group of people who want nothing to do with Product A, or you, and flag your email as SPAM
• A few people who like Product A, but they want it in blue and you're promoting it in red
• A growing list of people who lost interest in you

Now, let's imagine a different scenario. You want to send a promotion for Product A. So you find all the customers and prospects who have recently shown an interest in Product A and send them an email.

We'll let you guess the results of a targeted email like that!

Effective email marketing requires you to know everything you can about your contacts. You should know their name, gender, email address, location, marital status and career, as well as:
• Their interests, particularly as they relate to your products and/or services
• When and what they last purchased
• Whether they open and click on emails
• Their behaviors (wouldn't you like to know if a prospect had been visiting your website?)

With these details, you always have the chance to send targeted, relevant messages. Messages that get results! That is what makes the difference between you and millions of other small business owners.

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